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Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce

During the fall of 2022 and winter of 2023, I worked with the Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce in Beverly, Massachusetts. I completed many projects during my time in the GBCC office, including flyers and logos, but my biggest project was spearheading the packaging design and advertising of their new local gift certificate program. The office needed promotional materials for the program to distribute to the local retailers that housed the gift certificates, and I had the opportunity to design and produce ads for both print and digital spaces.

Elliot at the GBCC office

At the GBCC office in Beverly

Gift Certificate Sleeve in Envelope
Gift Certificate Sleeve - Inside With Check
Gift Certificate Sleeve - Front
Gift Certificate Envelope
Gift Certificate Sleeve - Rear
GBCC $10 Gift Certificate
GBCC $25 Gift Certificate
GBCC $50 Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate Program Business Directory
Poster to display at participating businesses

Video made for the Chamber's social media to promote the gift certificate program

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