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Fort Hill Brewery

Fort Hill Brewery is a beer brewery located in Easthampton, Massachusetts, USA. Founded by Eric Berzins in 2012, the brewery has a selection of fifteen versatile beers and counting. 


Fort Hill Brewery required a more modern approach to their rebranding. Assets created include a new logo, a stationery and business card package, a graphic standards manual, packaging design for a 4-pack, and a branded 16-ounce glass. The previous logo was illustrative and had a defined color scheme, but the design in no way represented the Brewery physically or even metaphorically. The rebranding intended to express Fort Hill Brewery’s contemporary mindset as well as invoke a more natural and earth-based message, consistent with Fort Hill’s main selling point. Information is presented in a fun but modest way with earth-tone colors in order to establish the Fort Hill Brewery brand identity.

Fort Hill Brewery Stationery_2022.jpg

View the full Fort Hill Brewery Graphic Standards Manual

"Lager Not A Fighter" 4-pack packaging
"Lager Not A Fighter" 4-pack packaging spread
Fort Hill Brewery 16-oz Glass
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