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Battle of Boyhood

"Battle of Boyhood" tells a story of nostalgia, gender, and growing up as a trans person. It was made using entirely found footage: meaning none of the content (audio, video, or text) was created specifically for this project. The project started with a glimmer of an idea—the knowledge that it would explore what it means to miss and mourn one's childhood self—and quickly evolved into what could be classified as an autobiography. Sources range from YouTube to snippets of old poetry in tattered journals to home video footage from the artist's childhood. It is a revisitation of the artist's gender transition, from the moment they were born to the present day. This video represents everything that makes up a soul in a world where some may argue that soul holds less worth than others. It is a deep dive into the past to form a promise of the future.

Battle of Boyhood_2022_3.png
Battle of Boyhood_2022_4.png
Battle of Boyhood_2022_2.png
Battle of Boyhood still
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